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Focus on ROI

Without context, impressions, clicks, CTR, and engagement rate are just vanity metrics that are easy to manipulate. They can make you look and feel good but have little to no meaningful business impact.

The key purpose of marketing is to drive measurable business value. ROI is the only thing that matters. At Hypetive, our approach is to focus on measurable ROI. Without excuses.


Expert Creative

Today the average person is exposed to around 10,000 ads per day. Reaching consumers with video ads has never been more complicated. Gone are the days when brands can throw creatives at the wall and see what sticks.

Our experts will craft a customized ROI-driving creative strategy — backed by behavior psychology, first-party data, and industry benchmarks, and detailed analysis of your business.



Throughout our extensive experience, we have produced numerous creative assets and campaigns for brands across various industries. At Hypetive, we plan, execute and accomplish project purposes with a well-balanced production methodology that helps us maintain a high level of quality over time. The methodology doesn't get burned out. Consistency is the key.


In-house Mindset

Sustained long-term growth is ensured by regular revision and reassessment, and continuous improvement process. Typically, agencies don't care about experience logging and keeping a knowledge base, as a result, brands don't gain practical wisdom on what works for them and how to do things right. In order to move ahead along the learning curve, we assign a dedicated manager to each brand.


Scientific Method

We're big believers in the power of the scientific method. This cycle of building a hypothesis, testing it out, deriving the best outcomes, and repeating is the key to achieving rapid and scalable growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequent questions brands ask about Hypetive services.
Can you guarantee I'll make more money from your services?
We don't guarantee a positive return on your ad spend. Guarantees are often used by amateurs hungry for your business.

We will provide you with regular updates and ongoing support so you can stay informed on your project progress and receive all the support needed to achieve your marketing goals.

We will do our best, and, because we don’t require a long-time retainer agreement, you can leave our team at any time if you’re not satisfied. However, we can tell you that 83% of our customers stick around because they love working with us.
How much does it cost and what ROI can I expect?
That’s a great question. Typically, as an agency we charge a simple flat rate fee based on the workload involved with your project, so each account is different. Alternatively, we may agree to charge a reduced flat fee plus a success fee dependent on the outcome of the project. After your discovery session, our team will give you more insights into what this looks like.
Why do you charge such high prices for your services?
Our prices may certainly be higher than what some independent content creators charge. In order to maintain steady growth brands need to find and add new effective creative assets to their campaigns without any delay. Considering independent content creators provide inconsistent quality in both visuals and ideas, brands have to build in-house "agencies" to generate fresh creative ideas, carry on continuous scouting of new talents, and enhance the visual aspects. As a result, the final cost of an effective creative asset can be several times higher than the total amount paid to creators. In contrast to independent content creators, we deliver ready-to-use creative assets with consistent quality at scale.
Why do you charge such low prices for your services?
That's the power of economies of scale. We benefit from our large customer base due to the lowering price of unit costs.
How long does it take to see results from your efforts?
In general, it takes 2-3 sprint cycles (4-6 weeks) to produce significant results. Of course, this depends on you current bottom line. It is important to keep in mind that the results of a marketing campaign are not usually immediate and may take some time to materialize. It is also important to work with an agency that is transparent about its process and can provide regular updates on the progress.