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Join our professional network to work with global brands as a marketing and creative freelancer.

Grow your career, your way

Control Your Schedule

Work full-time or part-time, and update your available hours whenever you need.

Work from Anywhere

Enjoy the flexibility and ability to work remotely from wherever you are.

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Projects come to you. Select only the ones you want to work on.

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Set your rate and enjoy a steady stream of income without the overhead.

5 steps

how to get hired


Submit Application

Even though we are highly selective in who we accept into the network, we keep an open application process and invite anyone with a track record of past success. At this step, we gather initial information on your skills and experiences.


Complete Onboarding

Once you’ve applied, we’ll invite you to build out your expert profile. This step lays the foundation for your profile and helps us understand your specific skills and interests.


Get Certified

Take our test and interview to demonstrate that you’re an expert on specific channels or tools. This step may involve reference checks, case studies and/or a portfolio review.


Match with Clients

Once you’ve been accepted and onboarded into the network, we’ll begin to share the projects that best match your expertise. Accept or decline matches as you wish.


Deliver Great Work

As a member of our network, we expect you to be responsible, committed, and communicative with our clients. We regularly review that you’re having positive experiences with clients. Our team works with you to grow your freelance business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequent questions freelancers ask us.
What kind of projects does Hypetive offer?
We offer a wide range of jobs, including campaign management across platforms, ad copywriting, viral video production, and various specialized roles such as user acquisition managers, creative producers, motion designers, sound designers, and more.
How long does the application and screening process typically take?
We receive a large number of applicants and our review process is thorough. It can take up to a month to complete the entire process. If you’re interested in working with us in the future, we encourage you to apply today. Once approved, you can adjust your availability as needed.
How many hours can I work?
There is no mandatory minimum of hours required of you to apply to join our network. Once you pass our screening and are accepted into the network, you’ll have access to view all matching projects. You can choose full-time or part-time projects depending on your preference and switch between full-time and part-time engagements at your discretion.
How much income can I expect?
As a member of our professional network, you set your own hourly rate. Most rates range from $25-$150/hr depending on the type of work and your level of experience. You can also set weekly or flat-rate prices.
I have other questions or want to learn more
Feel free to ask us anytime at